Low-cost counselling service

Our aim is to room1Ludwickoffer counselling to all, regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, financial status or disability.

All our counsellors work to the BACP Ethical Framework.  With person-centred counselling as our core model, we work with whatever you bring, in a client-centred and non-directive way. However, we are also integrative counsellors. What this means, is that we treat each client as an individual, and sometimes we use theory and techniques from other approaches, when appropriate.

Counselling Costs [price scale below]

For people on benefits or limited income, low cost counselling is available at Talk-in-Herts. Some are experienced trainees, and some are qualified. We offer shorter and longer term counselling on a regular weekly basis at specific times.

All counsellors work in accordance with the BACP ethical framework. Each counsellor has regular supervision with a Talk-in-Herts experienced supervisor. Both counsellor and supervisor are bound by the professional ethics of confidentiality.

Fees for an individual are usually between £10 and £40 per 50 minute session, depending on your circumstances and £45 for a family.

Price scale:-



 Proof of earnings


1-2-1 Counselling by Volunteers (Qualified and trainee counsellors in their final years of training)Ludwick Family Club (Welwyn Garden City) Wednesday and Friday mornings only

Benefits or Tax Credits

Up to £12,000 pa

£10 per session
1-2-1 CounsellingLudwick FC


Tax Credits

Up to £16,000 pa

£20 per session
1-2-1 Counselling

Ludwick FC


£35 per session
1-2-1 Counselling

Ludwick FC

Evenings only

£40 per session
Couples Counselling

Ludwick FC

£40 to £45 per session

Whether referring someone to our service or a self-referral, please contact Talk-in-Herts Counselling Services CIC by either:

Calling us on 07530 298388

Emailing: enquiries@talk-in-herts-counselling.co.uk

Or use our self-referral form