Fees for online counselling

If you are undecided whether online counselling would work for you, please read ‘Why choose online counselling?‘ first.


  • Email counselling is conducted using encrypted software or password protected Word documents. There are a number of free encrypted email providers such as www.safe-mail.net or https://tutanota.com/  People who find it helpful to have time to reflect before writing may wish to choose email counselling, as it can work well for them. An email exchange is either several smaller emails or one longer email from you and one response from me of up to 1000 words, within an agreed timescale.  Each email exchange costs £25.
  • Instant messaging (also known as text chat), is conducted in real-time for 50 minutes at an agreed time, using an encrypted instant messaging service.  An Instant Messaging session of 50 minutes costs £30.

All administrative emails are free.

Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, if you have online banking (contact us for details) or through Paypal, either using your Paypal account or Credit or Debit card. All online sessions must be paid for in advance. Please pay via our payment page once we have agreed the cost.

To apply for online counselling please first read our Online Counselling Agreement. We do require some contact details in case of emergency or in case we need to contact you due to technical difficulties.