families“Children are the future of Society and families the bedrock

A successful society depends on equipping children and other family members to meet the challenges of life

Many different individual roles and family forms are capable of achieving a strong and successful family”

(Family and Parent Institute 2010)

There are many challenges that families face but here at Talk-in-Herts we believe that when families work through their difficulties together there can be positive change which has a good impact on the whole family. Talk-in-Herts has therefore developed a service not just to support individuals but to support the whole family and works in partnership with the family to design a package of support best suited to that family’s situation. We build on the family’s strengths by recognising and promoting resilience and by helping them to strengthen their capabilities in problem solving.

Family work thus highlights the positive aspects of people’s lives as well as exploring problem areas. It provides a way for people to express feelings and creates opportunities for new possibilities within family relationships. Family work respects each family member’s view of conflicts and this helps the family to find their own solution. We believe that by allowing every family member to voice how they are feeling we can help to facilitate change in a constructive way. Families working together can learn to respect each other and learn to accept the different perspectives that each family member brings.

Rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach we tailor our support to the needs of individual families. Our uniquely diverse service thus includes: family group conferencing (used to empower the family to negotiate their own solution to a problem); one-two-one sessions for any member of the family including young people over the age of 13; play or art therapy for younger children; online counselling for over 18s or individual parents. It is helpful if parents and/or children and extended family members can participate in this process – we find that often this helps to build stronger and healthier relationships within the family.

If you or your family are interested in this service or would like to book a consultation please contact us either by email or phone.